Learning French Online is a good alternative for everyone who cannot participate into language courses. To understand an ordinary text and speech at 90% and to be able to express yourself properly you need the following :

-have an active vocabulary of 3-4 thousand words (not so big as it seems);

-know the basics of grammar ;

-have the listening skills

-know around 300 hundreds phrases and expressions that french use in everyday life

If you’ve already learned french but you need to bruch it up this site is for you! Even better, its completly free. This would only require to follow lessons online during a few months, a strong will and nothing more.

No matter how you are learning french, in language courses or on your own, you have to do most of the work by yoursef. You’re the one who remember, the one who understands and learn to feel language. So don’t loose any time and start your free online lessons immediatly.

Let’s have a look at what can help you to start speaking fluently french :

First of all you should know some phrases. The section « French phrases » is here to help you to get this everyday life expressions that you should know by heart. Even more for those who have just started to learn the language these expressions will give you some typical sentences structures. Do not try to remember everythig at once (this isn’t possible). Simply read it, and combe back later to read it again and so on. Once you see these expressions in a book, a movie or perhaps you hear it on the radio, you will immediatly think of it and this time, you will keep it in mind.

For normal communication, we need to understand everything what people  say . So you should practice your listening skills, having a look at « french audio ». Dialogues of native french speakers will print words you’ve already learned in your memory. Even more, this will help you for prononciation.

Have fun with video lessons ! Here you can not only practice you listening skills but also learn more about french habits and culture.

Don’t wait anymore ! Start to learn french for free right now. And in less than 6 month of intensive work you will be surprised how easily now you’re speaking the most beautiful language in the world.  To see youself making a progress in learning is exciting and inspiring.